Growing an indoor garden during the winter is a great way to stay healthy – I have ALWAYS done herbs…but never lettuce. Shame on me.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening: 37 Edibles You Can Grow Indoors In The Winter – As a prepper, one of the essential skills is for you to be able to sustain yourself and have food available to you the whole year, if and when you need it. One way of achieving this, is through an indoor vegetable garden. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and, more importantly, is able to function entirely inside.

The Secret To Winter Gardening – Gardening in any weather can be tough, but if you want to grow all year round obviously winter is the hardest season. Cold frames are so easy to make for free, it would be silly not to try your hand at this this winter.

Piet Oudolf on Designing a Winter Garden. If you make a four-season garden you have to learn to accept decay and see the beauty of it. Its about the texture and shape, the seed heads and the skeletons. So instead of using the scissors you use your eyes.